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Roberto Corroto

Writer and screenwriter. Born in Madrid and living in Málaga from twelve years ago. In 2008 he began to publish with a short story called "Yo soy BOB" in the fanzine Myaku with drawings of Roberto Corral. In 2009 he made his debut in the world of fiction with the novel "Lawless Island. I: Persiguiendo el pasado" (Ediciones Atlantis). In 2011 he joined the group of authors who made the anthology "Z-Time", by the publishing house Markosia.

In mid-2012 publish his first long history in comic: "No hay lugar como el hogar" (Sugoi Ediciones), with art by Alfredo Martirena. In the same year also collaborates with the fanzine Sinónimos de Lucro with a short story for which it was his last number. In 2013 he participated in the solidarity comic Un mundo de capacidades, with a story called "Benito y los piratas" drawn by Ulises Ponce.

Under the own label Ideas Mono has come to self-publish a paperback book called "Mi novia es un zombi" and a short story called "Aquello que no debería existir" (both available on Amazon). He has become a regular contributor to magazines comics as El Arca de las Historietas (Zona 84 Ediciones), where he has participated in five issues; Revista Cthulhu #11, #13 and #15 (Diábolo Ediciones); and Área 51 (Dlorean Ediciones) within its first issue. In November 2014 was published his second Graphic Novel: "Mascarada" (Editorial La Calle) with drawing of M.G.T.

Hand in hand with Ertito Montana and within Zona 00 Comics, has released "Sicarios #1: Olmito" (with KoH like colorist) and "Sicarios #2: Stranded in the desert", which, in turn, have been translated into English in the prestigious online magazine Aces Weekly (Vol. 14 and Vol. 19), created and directed by David Lloyd.